Can a court block a website for copyright infringement?

Yes, the Federal Court of Canada chose to exercise its jurisdiction to block two websites: and, because they were serving copyrighted content without a license.

Court Cases Ordering that ISPs Block Websites

Federal Court of Canada Ordered Website Blocking

Bell Media Inc. v. GoldTV.Biz, 2019 FC 1432 (Justice Gleeson)

The Plaintiffs bring this motion seeking an interlocutory mandatory injunction against the Third Party Respondent Internet Service Providers [ISPs]. The relief sought will compel the innocent Third Party Respondents to take steps to block their customers from accessing websites and Internet services operated by the anonymous Defendants. … The Plaintiffs claim the two Defendants—John Doe 1, doing business as, and John Doe 2, doing business as [the GoldTV Services]—are operating unauthorized subscription services that provide subscribers access to their programming content over the Internet, contrary to the Copyright Act. … For the reasons that follow I am satisfied that the Order, in an amended form, should issue.
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It’s interesting the defendants named are: JOHN DOE 1 dba GOLDTV .BIZ JOHN DOE 2 dba GOLDTV .CA and not the owner of the websites.

Was the owner of goldtv .ca served with the initial Statement of Claim? There’s no mention of it in the Nov 2019 decision. The whois info names 10850365 Canada Ltd. as the owner of the website.

An screenshot of the website shows that GoldTV sold itself as:

Canada’s Premium IPTV service with access to more than 4000 live TV and VOD content.

GoldTV has one of the largest selection of channels and offers a wide diversity of entertainment options. We offer stable live streaming in HD/SD of many international channels along with a variety of Canadian channels. You will never miss a sporting event or your favorite tv show with GoldTV.

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UK Courts Ordered Website Blocking

United Kingdom courts made a “website-blocking order” in (Cartier International AG v. British Sky Broadcasting Ltd., [2016] EWCA Civ 658 [Cartier CA] at para 5 and Cartier International AG v. British Telecommunications plc, [2018] UKSC 28 [Cartier SC] at para 5).

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